Invisible Design

At first glance, technology is not visible in your room. Then, with the touch of a button, a TV lowers from the ceiling and music plays from invisible speakers. In the bathroom, what appears to be a simple mirror reveals itself as a TV for watching the morning news. In the living room, movie night begins as the flat panel lowers into a cabinet and the film screen descends. A projector, hidden behind glass in the wall, begins the motion picture. The blend of technology and style is an art itself, fusing functionality with beauty to create the perfect digital lifestyle.

Style and performance, together – High technology, high design

High performance audio doesn’t require massive box speakers. Big screen TVs don’t need to dominate a room. In fact, the opposite can be true. Imagine a living room, seemingly empty of speakers or a television, converting to a home theater at the touch of a button. Or a bedroom TV that’s there when you want it, but not when you don’t. Specialized lifts and mounts make technology invisible. Advances in architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers mean high quality sound is possible from models that blend with the room. No longer do technology and design need to compete. Now technology can complement, and even enhance, the distinctive style of a space, room, or home.

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