Wilshire 24/7 Support Plans

Annual system checkups, combined with service calls when the need arises, will keep your system performing at its best and ensure that you get the most out of its features.

All electronic systems need some level of ongoing service and maintenance. The level of service you require is based on the type of system you have and the level of customer care you desire. We invite you to review the options below and select a package that meets your needs and budget.


What can we monitor?

  • Whether most of your network connected devices are up and running.
  • Health of many connected AV devices and light switches (availability may vary depending on manufacturer).
  • Internet up/down state and average upload/ download speeds.

What can’t we monitor?

  • Quality of audio/video (a connected network media player may show as online but the audio or video may still be experiencing issues).
  • Different apps or services within connected network devices (i.e. Netflix not working or Pandora producing an error message within a functioning Apple TV or Sonos player).
  • Personal computers, phones, printers, smart appliances.

Wilshire Support Levels 2020

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