Home Theaters

Investing in a home theater can be one of the best enhancements to your home and lifestyle.

The lights dim. The movie starts. It fills your view. The actors’ voices fill the room. Suddenly something happens. The music swells as action begins. An explosion on screen and the room fills with thunderous sound. Are you at the local Cineplex? Guess again. You’re at home.

This is the home theater experience: cinema-quality audio and video, with no sticky floors or overpriced concessions. Life-sized screens, surround sound, powerful subwoofers, all create the ultimate in movie enjoyment. Sit back and thrill to favorites new and old with the whole family.

Better than going out to the movies – In the heart of the action

Forget dim screens, muddy audio and high ticket prices. With modern HD and Ultra HD projectors, truly life-size screens are possible at home. Theater speakers and subwoofers produce incredibly realistic, room-filling audio. Enjoy cinema chairs so comfortable, you’ll gladly sit in them for hours. Best of all: the only cell phone that can ring is yours.

Thanks to optical-grade anamorphic lenses, powerful 3-chip projectors with high output projection lamps, and motorized projection screens, ultra-widescreen Cinemascope aspect ratios are possible. Experience epic Hollywood movies as they were meant to be seen: on a screen so big it fills your field of vision. When the movies end and you switch to TV, the masking adjusts so you never see black bars. Custom theater designs can create whatever look you desire. From classic movie houses to the ultimate sci-fi theater, if you can imagine it, you can have it.

Media Rooms

Our design team can help you create the ultimate media room experience in your home.

Life-size players dominate the big screen, the sound of the stadium filling the room as kickoff nears. Adjacent on a smaller TV, your avatar kicks a field goal, causing groans from your friends. Glasses clink at the bar as drinks are poured. Behind, you hear the break as another round of pool begins. Media rooms are mixed-use spaces offering near theater quality audio and video with a more casual feel. More than a TV room, a media room offers the best of both worlds.

A space to party, relax, and enjoy. – Designed to fit your lifestyle

What should your dream entertainment space look like? Multiple flat panel TVs showing multiple games at once? A drop-down projection screen? Music queued up at the touch of a button, played through hidden speakers while you shoot some pool? Or all of the above? Media rooms are all about possibilities. From sports and gaming to movies and music, they do it all. However you spend those precious free moments to relax, you can build a media room that’s a perfect fit.

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