High Performance Audio

The rising, powerful crescendo of an orchestra. The soulful wailing of a blues guitar. The shimmering, thrilling brilliance of operatic soprano. These are but a few of the musical moments that elicit emotional response. Music isn’t merely listened to through a high performance audio system, it is experienced. Details you never heard are revealed and instruments sound so real, they seem present in the room. While many think they won’t be able to hear the difference, once you experience the wonder of hi-fi, you’re converted forever. Big or small, digital, analog, or both, quality audio is available to everyone.

Audio for the soul – Enjoy studio sound in your home

There are few things that reach us as deeply as music. It transports us to a place, a time, a feeling. Compare the sensation you have at a concert, versus hearing the same song on the radio. The beauty of high performance audio is its variety: speakers of all different shapes and sizes, subwoofers to fill any room, massive dedicated power amplifiers, and tiny integrated amps. No matter what your budget, room, or desire, there’s a way to get better quality music into your home. Integrated with a whole home audio system, you’ll have access to your entire music library as well.

Computer Audio

Once, music on your computer was confined there. Thousands of tracks were stored with no way to hear the music in any fidelity. That’s all changed. With new music gateways, and advanced Digital-to- Analog converters (DACs), the digital bits are converted to audio worth hearing. Better still, high-resolution audio provides quality unheard of just a few years ago. Music servers store thousands of albums and tracks as a single library. Sort and select songs for the perfect playlist, then play the music throughout your whole home audio system. There’s no loss of quality, just added convenience.

Your computer as an audiophile source – Quality digital music from any computer

From iPhones to iPods, computers to tablets, digital audio is everywhere in our lives. What was once convenience at the expense of quality is now the most common way to deliver high fidelity music. High-end Digital-to-Analog Converters transform your digital audio into smooth, clean music. Docks recharge your phone or music player while filling a room with your favorite tunes. A central music server stores all your music for playback anywhere in your home. There’s no need to settle for poor audio just because it’s portable.

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