You return home at dusk and the exterior is softly lit. When you open the garage door, the security system shuts off, interior lights brighten and relaxing music plays in the kitchen. After dinner, you turn on a romantic scene of lights and music with your smartphone. Your shades have closed automatically and the temperature is adjusting to evening mode. At bedtime, a tap on your bedside controller activates the security system and soft music plays quietly, set to turn off shortly. This is today’s smart home.



The party is in full swing. Every room in your home fills with stories, laughter, and music. The kitchen has gotten a little loud, so you turn down the volume on the room’s hidden speakers with your phone. You display pictures from vacation on the living room’s flat panel. Outside, the grill is fired up, and music fills the air. The night is young, with whole home audio and video providing entertainment throughout your home.



You sit by the pool, enjoying a movie streaming to your tablet. Inside, your kids enjoy an online multi-player game. In the den, your spouse downloads music for a dinner party. Later, you have a video conference for work, but you’re not going to think about that right now. You turn back to your movie which is ready because your internet is always available, your access simple, the connection seamless.



It’s a warm summer night. Music plays quietly in the background as you relax with friends on the deck. No speakers are visible, yet the sound seems to come from everywhere and nowhere. The surrounding landscape provides an elegant glow. It’s going to be a good night. It’s your turn to host movie night for your friends. There are too many people to have inside, but that’s okay. A projector illuminates your outdoor screen, creating a life-size picture. Hidden speakers provide powerful surround sound. The crowd gathers. The movie begins.



Life-size players dominate the big screen, the sound of the stadium filling the room as kickoff nears. Adjacent on a smaller TV, your avatar kicks a field goal, causing groans from your friends. Glasses clink at the bar as drinks are poured. Behind, you hear the break as another round of pool begins. Media rooms are mixed-use spaces offering near theater quality audio and video with a more casual feel. More than a TV room, a media room offers the best of both worlds.



The lights dim. The movie starts. It fills your view. The actors’ voices fill the room. Suddenly something happens. The music swells as action begins. An explosion on screen and the room fills with thunderous sound. Are you at the local Cineplex? Guess again. You’re at home.



Wilshire Media Systems is a full-service audiovisual systems integrator specializing in the design and installation of video conferencing systems, multimedia conference rooms, assembly and presentation rooms, executive suites, and distributed audio and video systems. Our services encompass virtually every aspect of audio and video integration and communications.

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