5 Common Home Automation Mistakes

5 Common Home Automation Mistakes

Embarking on any endeavor for the first time can mean mistakes. And we humans are generally great at learning from our mistakes. Unfortunately, making a mistake when it comes to installing your home automation system can cost you both time and money, not to mention headaches. A lot of our new clients reach out to us initially to fix a home-automation system that was either ill-conceived or poorly installed. To keep you on the right path and help guide you through the process of creating the home automation system of your dreams, here are the top five home automation mistakes we often see and how to avoid them.

1. Hiring the wrong trade
Security contractors are great at alarm systems. Plumbers work wonders with pipes and electricians are whizzes with lights. Ask an unqualified and untrained tradesperson to work on your home electronics systems, however, and you are asking for trouble. For one, a trade, such as an electrician, won’t have the experience or insight to know what works based on years of trial and error, won’t follow the latest trends in technology and won’t have experience with the best gear and how it works. Stick with the pros and vet your installer.

2. Calling your Electronic Systems Contractor (ESC) late in the game
When it comes to installed electronics in the home, virtually every list of mistakes will have this one on it: Don’t make the mistake of bringing an ESC onto the project at a late stage. Getting us in there early will allow us to head off any problems before they become problems, wire your system correctly and with less hassle and time and better integrate your automation system into your home’s design and décor.

3. Settling for ‘set it and forget it’
In the last few years, electronic systems contractors have gotten better and better at offering plans that allow you to have an ongoing relationship with your installer after the system is installed. Whether it’s a per month fee or just a really good aftercare service program, you want to make sure your installer is going to be there for you when you need them most. Don’t settle for the set it and forget it mentality, which will inevitably leave you out in the cold.

4. Choosing the wrong system
The best way to select a home automation system is to explain how you use your entertainment and systems like lights, HVAC and security, to your electronic systems contractor. For example, we always undergo a fairly extensive Q&A to determine what your tastes and needs are. Do you like to listen to music in the kitchen? Do you entertain often? Answers to questions like these will help guide us to the perfect home automation system for you. Doing the legwork upfront allows you to pick tech that works for you naturally and organically, as opposed to trying to hammer a system into submission after the fact.

5. Overcomplicating home automation design
Home automation systems these days have tons of functionality. However, as we move toward more app-based control interfaces, simplicity is not only desired, but demanded by homeowners who expect to know how to use a device with minimal training. With a qualified electronic systems contractor, you should be able to flip on a light or engage a sophisticated party mode with the same level of ease.

We would be glad to discuss your home automation needs and help you streamline not only the process, but the end result for the most effective system that perfectly suits your lifestyle and budget. Give us a call or come in today!