To Control or Automate, That is the Question

To Control or Automate, That is the Question

Compliment and complement are two words that sound the same but have completely different meanings, which can be confusing. On the other hand, the words control and automation don’t sound the same but can be just as confusing when you’re trying to decide whether to control your home or automate it. Despite many misperceptions, the difference is simple to understand. Home automation systems perform functions automatically without any intervention from you. Home control systems also perform a variety of tasks automatically but you have to tell the system what to do and when to do it.

You have control with home control
Home control systems allow you to automate on an as-needed basis instead of at specific predetermined times. For example, you might not always want the blinds opened in your bedroom when you first wake up. But, if you always open your blinds halfway when you do use them, then you can establish a setting that allows one touch of a control to make that action happen on command.

Of course, some functions like the HVAC system in your home might be automated most of the time and only occasionally controlled. In fact, most of the devices you may want to regulate including the TV, DVD or Blu-ray player, sound system, security system, light dimmers and more. In short, home control is “when-you-want-it” automation.

Put it on autopilot
Anything that does not require some kind of special handling or guidance by you is a prime candidate to be fully automated. And exploring your daily routine is the perfect place to start to look for repetitious behaviors to be modified. For example, when you start your workday you might turn on the radio and several lights—adjusting some brighter than others. You might also want to lock all your doors and arm your security system each night. If those procedures occur every day at the same time, some or all of them could easily be fully automated. So you should know, technology is available to synchronize your automation system (as well as what you want to control) with your personal routine.

Now consider how many recurring actions that have to do with energy efficiency, convenience, entertainment, or security that you perform at approximately the same time each day. While these simple activities don’t seem like much to manage individually, automating some or all of them will make you more productive. And in some cases your energy consumption will also be more efficiently managed.

Choose what fits your lifestyle
Home controls and automation systems should not be built around specific technologies or equipment; rather, they should be built around the kind of experience you want from your home. How those devices integrate with your lifestyle is what will bring the most benefit to you and your family. But with so many options to choose from in the consumer electronics market, where to begin can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come into the picture. We have years of experience making sure that our customers’ lifestyle objectives as well as their budgetary needs are met. Stop in and pay us a visit. We’ll make sure that all the devices and systems you want to automate are integrated so that they complement each other seamlessly while your friends and family compliment you on your choices.