Top 10 Reasons Not to Put an Indoor TV Outside

Top 10 Reasons Not to Put an Indoor TV Outside

Finding ways to save money on products and materials for your home improvement projects can really help your money go further and allow you to do more with it. However, when it comes to outdoor televisions, saving money by using an indoor TV outdoors will only cost you more in the long run. Our friends at SunbriteTV have put together a list of 10 reasons why that short-cut will make you shortchanged…

10. Can’t see the picture! Indoor TVs all have glossy high reflective screens. They look pretty inside, but outdoors it’s like looking in a mirror.

9. You lose your warranty. Check out your owner’s manuals. Buried in the fine print you will find slick legal language that basically forbids outdoor use of the TVs. They put it there for a reason.

8. That darned sea air that comes in from the ocean every day. Salt air is really corrosive. If it can rust your hand rails, think what it can do to your TV. It especially likes to corrode unprotected input jacks on indoor TVs. And, yes, fog can actually go under your deck cover.

7. The gardener hits the hedge sprinkler and the darn thing sprays the TV. You say, “But I put it under the gazebo.” Even the best laid plans can go to crap. Zap.

6. Bugs in your TV are worse than ants in your pants. Insects crawl in through the ventilation grill. Spiders follow them in. Spiders lay webs. Spider webs go across circuit boards. Circuit boards short out. Zap. Pretty creepy, but this actually happens.

5. Those darned isolated thunderstorms. “Hey, I’ll bring the TV inside when it rains.” Good luck timing the weather. All it takes is one t-storm, rogue down-pour, micro-burst, or squall, and your TV is cooked. Zap.

4. Your TV sweats, too. High Humidity will fry your TV. “Hey, but I have it under a deck cover.” Doesn’t matter. Condensation will come into the ventilation grills on the top of your indoor TV. It collects and then drops down on the main circuit boards. Zap.

3. Getting electrocuted really sucks. Yep, it can happen. Go read your owner’s manuals. You’ll see stuff about water and electronics not being safe. Zap. This time to you — not just your TV.

2. You really can’t show-off at the big backyard party. Putting indoor TVs outside is cheezy.

AND – the TOP reason why NOT to put an indoor TV outside…

1. Putting an indoor TV outside isn’t clever, it’s CHEAP.

Compare for yourself. Take a look at Sunbrite’s interactive slider tool comparing the benefits of outdoor TV over indoor TV.

Source: SunbriteTV