Seamlessly Blending Luxury and Design with TRUFIG

Seamlessly Blending Luxury and Design with TRUFIG

The art of blending technology and design tends to be a very delicate balance. However, thanks to TRUFIG’s innovative flush-mounting solutions, aesthetic-conscious architects, designers and property owners can rest assured that the beauty of their intended designs will prevail.

Founded in 2008, TRUFIG’s philosophy is built from three main pillars: material authenticity, perfection in the smallest detail and a systematic approach to design. From the careful selection of materials to the intensive detail given to all craftsmanship TRUFIG maintains consistent color, texture and quality, helping to enhance the overall architecture and detailed design of each space its products are utilized in.

TRUFIG is a revolutionary design solution that allows technology to be mounted completely flush into the wall or ceiling. Clean lines, without unattractive shadows compromising the flow of a space.  From floor to ceiling, TRUFIG delivers precision alignment and a consistent aesthetic across a variety of devices from different manufacturers.

Consistency, color and Camouflage can be achieved as TRUFIG fascias can be painted, faux finished, wallpapered or laminated. Each device can be customized to match any surface.  In addition, with TRUFIG blank fascias, you can hide those rarely-used devices and power outlets whose location is often dictated by building codes.

The TRUFIG Mounting Platforms allow for repeatable, high-quality results across multiple technologies and surfaces. The installation process incorporates traditional trade methods ensuring fast, error-free outcomes.

One look and style can be achieved across a variety of devices from different manufacturers. Light switches, power outlets, Lutron keypads, Decora devices, volume controls, data and video jacks, HVAC vents and returns can not only be functional, but stylish with TRUFIG. Even touch panels from Crestron, AMX and your iPAD can be flush mounted with TRUFIG.

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