First Glimpse into the Integra Dot 4 Series

First Glimpse into the Integra Dot 4 Series

The new Integra DTR20.4 and DTR30.4 home theater receivers are now in-stock at Wilshire. Here are a few highlighted features of these brand new state-of-the-art receivers:

Insta-Prevue Technology

Insta-Prevue allows you to view any and all HDMI connected sources as Picture-In-Picture with multiple active source playback capability.

MHL (Mobile High Defintion Link)

MHL allows you to connect any “MHL certified” smartphone (new to the market) via HDMI to the receiver.   This connectivity will allow the end user to push any content available up to 1080p from their smartphone through the Integra receiver such as photos, videos, music, etc. The output connector on the phone is USB and the connection also charges the phone.  The technology is also smart enough to recognize whether it gets connected to the AVR via the USB input or HDMI and react accordingly with the appropriate operational capability.

MP3 Tunes

MP3 Tunes is a cloud based streaming service, which allows you to upload all your music to the cloud and access it from mobile devices, your Integra receiver, without having to have your PC or Mac turned on.  The first 2 GB of storage is free. An additional 200 GB is $12.95/month.

Smart Grid Ready

Commands can be sent to the unit to reduce power consumption based on smart grid parameters or utility rates.

Hybrid Standby Function

Uses less power on standby when features like HDMI control, HDMI pass through, or Ethernet control are enabled. On previous models, these features would still require a relatively significant amount of power.

The DTR20.4 retails 5.2 channel receiver, which retails for $599.99. The DTR30.4 is a 7.2 channel receiver, which retails for $899.99. Both feature Integra’s legendary build quality and performance.