Séura Lighted Television Mirrors

Séura Lighted Television Mirrors

On display now at Wilshire Home Entertainment in our bathroom vignette is Séura’s Deco Series television mirror, which elegantly introduces convenience into your morning routine by transforming your personal spaces with seamlessly integrated television technology. Don’t settle for bathroom televisions that take up counter space or unattractively mount to the wall. Check the weather as you apply makeup. Catch up on sports highlights while shaving. Do it all within the convenience of your own television mirror.

Silvered mirror, beautiful reflection.

Séura’s finely crafted Deco Series mirrors offer a bright, accurate, crystal-clear reflection. Reflecting 100% of red, green, and blue light ensures a pure, true-to-life reflection with no tint of blue or green. Perfect for applying makeup or other personal tasks requiring color accuracy in any lighting condition, Deco Series does not disappoint. Resistant to black edge corrosion, Deco Series mirrors stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come.

Bright television, better viewing experience.

Ideal for rooms with many windows or challenging lighting, the Deco Series boasts an ultra-bright television. Séura’s own LCD televisions are, on average, double the brightness of a traditional LCD television. When you need extra lighting for your morning routine, your television will shine through. Radiating through crystal clear glass, this television features an impressive contrast ratio (1,000:1 ) with bright whites, deep blacks, and vivid colors in between for an incredible viewing experience.

A variety of lighting patterns, A design for every taste.

Séura’s elegant lighting patterns vary from simple minimalism to distinct originality. Séura collaborated with interior design experts to perfect these twelve original patterns. Some designs project a high volume of light on the subject. Other designs emit an ambient, complementing glow. Etched into the backside of the glass, these patterns are protected from dust and discoloration for a long, beautifully illuminated life.

Modest screens, bold integration.

Séura’s proprietary TVs are the perfect size for bathroom environments with all the connectivity benefits of a larger television. Enjoy flexible integration options like HDMI, Component, Composite, and VGA. Powerful down-firing speakers boost sound from behind the mirror for an invisible solution. Or choose to distribute the audio with Séura’s built-in 2x10w amplifier. Fill your space with quality sound using the built-in line level-audio out or Phoenix connector.

Installation made simple.

Séura’s finely crafted products are fully integrated for fast, easy installation. All mounting brackets and hardware are included with every television mirror. Diagrams and custom drawings for your exact product are available as soon as you order, allowing you to make preparations before the product even arrives.

Diverse control options, automation made easy.

Every Séura television is uniquely equipped with Discreet IR and RS232 options. Four IR outputs and one input give you key integration flexibility. Select RS232 control using the built-in serial port. Incorporate into a new or existing system from Crestron, AMX, Control4, or Savant. Compatible drivers with each manufacturer make automation easy.

Fluorescent or LED, the choice is yours.

Séura lighted mirrors are available with either Fluorescent or LED lighting. Choose fluorescent for an ultra-bright, pure white brilliance. Select white LED lighting for a long-life, energy-efficient solution. With Séura’s LED lighting, mirror size and design is unrestricted by standard bulb sizes or maintainability. Upgrade to a dimmable ballast for the ultimate in flexibility.

Waterproof remote designed to survive your lifestyle.

Perfect for wet or messy environments like the bathroom and kitchen, Séura’s waterproof remote is completely waterproof. It survives a drop in the tub or handling with soapy, wet hands. Beat the dirt and bacteria that tend to build up on remotes with an occasional wash with warm soapy water.

Source: Séura