6 Reasons To Upgrade Your Home Network

6 Reasons To Upgrade Your Home Network

You probably have one or two wired network devices in your home such as desktop computers and even more wireless devices like your laptop, smart phone, tablet, streaming blu-ray player, streaming music player and more.  There’s a good chance that all of this is being handled through an all-in-one, inexpensive wireless router that was never designed to handle the demands of the typical modern household. As a result, you may have to put up with router reboots, poor reception and an unsecure network.

Wilshire has partnered with Pakedge to bring you a more secure, robust and faster wireless network in your home. Here are some of top reasons to upgrade your home network with Pakedge:

Experience wider Wi-Fi range!

Pakedge access points are enterprise grade, which provide 2-3 times greater coverage than consumer grade access points.

Faster upload and download speeds!

Data is routed faster through specialized hardware with Pakedge Switches and Routers.

No more system reboots!

Today’s A/V devices and appliances require reliable networks. Pakedge products are reliable and stable, thus resulting in longer system up-time.

Protect your Kids!

Pakedge K-Series Routers can be purchased with built in parental website control. This control occurs at the gateway level, which provides internet restriction to all unauthorized users in the entire household.

Protect your network from viruses!

Pakedge routers have system antivirus at the firewall level. The system is constantly and automatically updated with new virus profiles. This is a proactive way of protecting devises from viruses!

Off-site network management!

Remote network management saves you time and money! Now the dealer can access the network remotely to avoid on-site service calls.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pakedge products and Wilshire’s network services, give us a call and setup a free consultation. (805) 497-7536 or [email protected]

Source: Pakedge