A/V System Brings Indoor Comfort Outdoors

A/V System Brings Indoor Comfort Outdoors

Too many people assume home theater and audio means in-home theater and audio. But there’s no reason you can’t bring all that enjoyment and excitement outside as well. One project completed by Wilshire Home Entertainment exemplified this perfectly.

A homeowner had been working with a landscape architect and had asked Wilshire to integrate multimedia throughout the backyard and media room. This included an outdoor living room, outdoor bar/lounge and pool area.

Wilshire took it all to the next level. First, they installed Clark Synthesis Aquasonic Underwater Speakers so the music doesn’t have to stop when you dip your head under water.

In the outdoor living room, they mounted a 50-inch high-definition plasma TV that featured a motorized door to enclose the TV and shield it from inclement weather, and then they put the TV on a Chief articulating arm so it could be extended and viewed from the spa and pool.

“Our goal was to conceal the systems and have everything blend seamlessly with the landscape architect’s design theme for the backyard,” says Bill Sanchez, Project Manager for Wilshire Home Entertainment. “The project far exceeded the homeowners’ expectations. They were particularly impressed by the ability to hear music while underwater.”

But the project didn’t end there. In the outdoor bar, Wilshire installed a 32-inch Sunbrite weather-resistant LCD TV, selected as to not overpower the space, turning the area into a destination not just a pit stop on the way back from the pool. “The television at the bar was a huge success, as it has become a gathering spot for family and friends,” Sanchez says.

Finally, they finished off the project by installing Niles outdoor speakers, carefully selected to blend in with the landscape. Not only are these some of the highest quality speakers available, you don’t even know they’re there unless you’re looking for them.

The biggest challenge was that the products selected had to be reliable and remain protected from the elements, as well as be user friendly and exceed the homeowners’ expectations, a staple of Wilshire projects. This was done by carefully programming all of the settings the homeowner wanted into a Universal Remote Control.

“The project completes the backyard design and allows the homeowners to enjoy a stable system that is simple to use,” Sanchez says. “It extends their indoor media room to the outdoors, effectively increasing the size of their living space and allowing them to enjoy all the comforts of the indoors while being outdoors.”

Wilshire Home Entertainment prides itself on its professionalism and great customer care, especially since referrals play such an important role in helping Wilshire obtain additional customers. In fact, this project was referred to Wilshire by another happy customer. “That being said, we take great care to make sure we exceed the expectations of all our customers,” Sanchez says.

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