State of the Art Video Wall Technology from Wilshire Media Systems Wows Military Crowd at Aeronautics & Space Conference in Long Beach

State of the Art Video Wall Technology from Wilshire Media Systems Wows Military Crowd at Aeronautics & Space Conference in Long Beach

Wilshire Media Systems showed off the latest video wall technology at the 11th American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) Space Conference in Long Beach last month. The video wall is specifically designed for command and control centers, situational awareness analysis, science and engineering, communications and conference rooms making it ideal for military and aerospace users who require high-resolution data, imagery and video display.

Wilshire’s AIAA booth featured at 10 foot wide, 9-panel ultra-definition video wall. “Video walls have been around for awhile but new, ground-breaking technology enables the end user to now display information from any number of sources–from a network system or from external sources including remote video, satellite television and video conferencing,” says Brian Smith, Wilshire’s federal accounts manager. “It’s a fully integrated network design. From a security standpoint, we work with individual government and business entities to ensure the design adheres to their approval process.”

Some conference attendees already used video walls but expressed disappointment with their performance and difficulty in use. “The new systems are equipped with intuitive user controls that are integrated into the system for easy use including wireless access from an iPad interface,” says Smith. “Most of the hardware is built into the panels so the system has a very small physical footprint. The panels are designed specifically for this purpose and are not just glorified television panels. The quantity and quality of data that can be placed on the wall is just about unlimited.” A video wall can be installed with as few as two panels and can accommodate as many as 200 panels without additional software or external hardware.

“Unlike most analog projection systems currently in use, the Wilshire video wall can display very large-sized imagery files, and maintain the image’s native resolution as it is expanded across the wall,” says Smith. “This provides the user with a truly unparalleled view of their subject of interest. The feature has clear applications for scientific study, military operations and aerospace design.”

Wilshire recently installed a media wall for the Army Corp of Engineers Los Angeles District. The wall system was installed in its Reservoir Operations Center for use in flood risk reduction. The six-panel video wall, with video conferencing integration, monitors dams, reservoirs and waterways within the district.

Smith believes the new wall panel design is a leap in technology. “It’s a game changer,” says Smith. “Whether they are used in a secure government installation or in a business environment, the access to large quantities of instant data and lighting-speed worldwide communication will soon be standard.”

Wilshire Media Systems is based in Thousand Oaks, Calif. and is a division of Wilshire Home Entertainment. For more information, contact Smith at [email protected], or visit To learn more about the features and benefits, go to Wilshire Video Wall.