Integra Unveils New Receivers

Integra Unveils New Receivers

By Grant Clauser/Electronic House

The machine that is Integra keeps pouring out the A/V gear. Recently the company rolled out a number of new networked-capable audio/video receivers designed for the custom home theater/media market.

All four new receivers, the DTR-20.3, DTR-30.3, DTR-40.3 and DTR-50.3 are all THX certified and include a suite of networking features.

On the video processing side, the new DTRs include Marvells Qdeo 4K upscalling. The DTR-50.3 goes a little further by adding an IDT HQV video processor. With that you get detailed ISF calibration controls and a lot of upconversion power.

The DTR-50.3 and 40.3 include Audyessys MultEQ XT processing for correcting room acoustics. They also include Dolby Volume to keep listeners from getting blown away by excessively loud commercials.

The systems all have mongo networking capability, with Window 7 and DLNA certifications, plus access to streaming services from Mediafly, Pandora, Slacker, Napster, Rhapsody, vTuner, SIRIUS XM Internet Radio, and, on the DTR-40.3 and DTR-50.3 only, You will need an USB Wi-Fi adaptor to go wireless, but they all include an Ethernet port for good, old-fashioned wired connections. Front USB ports also can be used for an iPod dock.

The entry-level DTR-20.3 is a 5.2-channel unit 8-ohm rated at 90-watts per channel; the DTR-30.3 is a 7.2-channel system 8-ohm rated at 100 watts per channel; the DTR-40.3 is a 7.2-channel system 8-ohm rated at 110 watts per channel; and the DTR-50.3 is a 7.2-channel system 8-ohm rated at 135 watts per channel.

To make these products easy for professional installers to integrate into home systems, each unit includes bi-directional Ethernet and RS232 ports for control, 2 IR inputs and 1 out, 3 programmable 12-V triggers, non-volatile and lockable dealer settings, firmware updates via Ethernet and USB, Overlaid Graphical On-Screen Display (OSD), and GUI Navigation via HDMI. The DTR-20.3 has Zone 2 preouts with independent volume, bass, treble and balance controls. The DTR-30.3 adds powered Zone 2, the DTR-40.3 adds Zone 2 video, and the DTR-50.3 adds zone2/3 preouts. The DTR-50.3 also includes a bidirectional, preprogrammed, and customizable remote controls with on-screen set-up, mode-key LEDs, and Macro presets for four activities.

Pricing for the new units begins at $600 for the entry level, up to $1,400 for the 50.3.