Home Technology Planning Guide: Mobile Device Integration

The iPod and iPhone revolutionized the music industry and the cellular telephone industry. Thereare now millions of smartphones in existence, the most popular being iPhone and Android models. While most people use smartphones for receiving e-mail and making phone calls and listening to music, smartphone applications are making it possible to do just about anything with your phone.

In 2008, Apple introduced the world to the App Store. Since then over 10 billion applications have been downloaded by users. Now apps are available for all smartphone platforms and can also be found in other devices such as internet connected Blu-ray players and televisions.

Smartphones and their applications add a new dimension of technology integration to your lifestyle by providing control beyond the confines of the house.

Theres virtually no amenity in an integrated home that you cant control from an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android powered smartphone. Applications from leading control companies such as Sonos, Lutron, Control4, Crestron, and Savant give you complete control of your home, including:

  • Distributed Audio & Video Systems
    • Stream music and movies around the house with an Apple TV system.
    • Stream your digital music and music subscription services throughout your house wirelessly with Sonos.
    • Control and connect receivers and iPod docks compatible with Apples AirPlay.
    • Control connected devices such as your DVR so that you never miss your favorite shows again.
  • Lighting, Shades, and HVAC Systems.
    • Adjust the lighting in a single room or throughout your entire house with the touch of a button on your smartphone. You can even control the lighting when you are away from home!
    • Raise and lower shades to reduce heating and cooling costs.
    • Adjust heating and air conditioning systems for efficiency or to adjust the comfort of your home before you arrive.
  • Security
    • View security cameras to monitor your home and loved ones.
    • Activate and monitor your security system.
  • Automation Systems
    • Full control of integrated automation systems from Control4, Crestron, Lutron and Savant.

These are just a few of the options available, but the possibilities are endless. To learn more about how Wilshire Media Systems can give you complete control of your home from your smartphone, visit our showroom and experience these great technologies for yourself.