Runco QuantumColor Q-750 Projector

While everyones been busy talking about 3D HDTVs, LED projectors have quietly found their way into Wilshires showroom. The new Runco Q-750 is now on display in our Performance Theater room.

Runcos new Q-750 home theater projector pairs their revolutionary QuantumColor brightness with energy saving LED technology. Combine that with Runcos unsurpassed performance, unrivaled customization and legendary engineering and youre left with one of the best performing projectors weve ever offered.

DLP, LCoS, and LCD projectors have historically used mercury or xenon lamps as a light source. Of course these bulbs have to be replaced and overtime the color shifts and dims as the bulb ages. These bulbs also run hot and consume more than their fair share of energy.

Runcos new InfiniLight lampless LED illumination technology provides an infinite light source that creates an energy-efficient projector with the widest color gamut ever available in home theater projection. The light engine in the new Q-750 is rated for 50,000 hours. Thats 13 years of use at 10 hours per day! Runco also promises that the light source will not noticeably dim or change color with age, as they estimate only a 10% reduction in light output over the life of the projector. And since LEDs operate at much lower temperatures, the Q-750 only needs two small fans to cool the unit and they are virtually silent.

The Q-750 LED projector can also be paired with Runcos award-winning CineWide and CineWide with AutoScope technology. CineWide provides uncompromised widescreen reproduction to perfectly reproduce movies originally filmed in Hollywoods most common format, CinemaScope 2:35:1.

The Runco Q-750 lamplesss LED projector has earned praise throughout the industry, but you can see it for yourself in our showroom. Feel free to bring some of your favorite Blu-rays along so you can experience them at their best! Review Review

Sound & Vision 2010 Editors Choice