Artison: The Art of Sound

The latest addition to Wilshire Home Entertainments line of world-class audio products is Artison.

Artisons line of loudspeakers, surround speakers and subwoofers combine powerful high-performance audio with elegant, unobtrusive aesthetics. Artisons Masterpiece, Portrait, and Sketch speakers are engineered to perfectly match todays new ultra-thin flat panel displays.

All Artison LCR loudspeakers combine three front-channel speakers (Left, Right, Center) in two slim enclosures, which utilize Artisons patented DualMono Center Channel technology. This technology projects crisp clear dialog from the center of the video display rather than from above or below the television. Designed to be attached to a flat panel television or mounted to the wall, the Masterpiece LCR-DM speaker can be seamlessly integrated into any flat panel installation.

In addition to LCR speakers, Artison also offers the Sound Bar SB-1, which features worlds most advanced Mid Bass/Mid Range drivers. The result is a Sound Bar with an overall height of just 4 that outperforms most conventional speakers. This slim three channel solution fits in front of a flat panel television on a stand without blocking the screen. The SB-1 is also attachable and comes with a grille that matches the color and width of the television, which helps it disappear.

The LRS surround channel satellite speakers us e the same high quality components found in the front channels and deliver the same level of performance. Tweeters are placed and ninety degrees to one another, which substantially reduces the directional component of the sound without eliminating the three dimensional effects. The LRS Surrounds can be mounted on-wall or in-wall. Because the speaker cabinet is mounted inside an in-wall mount, it does not rely on the cavity created behind the baffle to control the performance of the system. The sound is consistent and fully independent of the environment.

To experience Artisons full line of advanced home entertainment audio solutions, visit Wilshires showroom for a demonstration.