New Performance Audio Listening Room

Today, many of us listen to music on the go on our iPods through little ear-bud headphones. The music is compressed and the quality is far less than what the artist intended us to hear. Weve traded convenience for quality and the listening experience suffers as a result.

When youre listening to a high performance audio system, you can close your eyes and truly be a part of the music. That was the goal behind Wilshires recently completed remodel of our new Performance Audio listening room.

We carefully designed the acoustics our new Performance Audio room and filled it with some of the finest audio components in the world that can faithfully recreate performances and deliver sonic masterpieces. Inside youll l find speakers and audio components from Revel, Bowers & Wilkins, Monitor Audio, Mark Levinson, Parasound, Lexicon, and Rotel. Put them all together and youll lose yourself in the music that touches your soul.

We invite you to grab some of your favorite albums, whether on vinyl or CD and visit our new Performance Audio room. Youll rediscover your music and experience it in a way you never thought possible.