New Peachtree Audio musicBox!

Coming soon to Wilshire Home Entertainment is the new Peachtree Audio musicBox, a small, elegant system redefining form, function and performance.

Table radios have come a long way. Theyre a good choice for many since they are compact and sound fine for background listening. However, if you need something a little more, the performance and versatility of the musicBox far surpasses any table radio sound and technology on the market.

Youll be amazed when you plug your iPod into the musicBoxs built-in PURE DIGITAL iPod dock. It makes your iPod perform like your CD player. Add in a great DAC, special vacuum tube preamplifier circuitry and the MOSFET power amplifier section of the musicBox and you have a recipe for magic.

Plug in your iPod touch and gain access to nearly unlimited music content. Sources such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Groove Shark and radio stations from around the world are at your fingertips. Want to watch those great music videos, TV shows and movies you’ve downloaded to your iPod the way they were meant to be seen? Just connect the musicBoxs high-resolution “component video out” signal to your big-screen television and sit back and enjoy your favorites in all their wide-screen glory! The ability of the musicBoxs internal digital to analog converter to process and play all your favorite digital program sources makes the musicBox a “must have” in your office, on your desktop, in the kitchen, in the den, or in the bedroom.

Strapped to a desk and computer for long periods of time? Why not make the best of it? Just plug your computer into the musicBox with a USB cable and place the matching mB3 speakers (pictured above) on either side of your monitor. The music will be wide and deep, with a solid image in the middle. “Computer music” now takes on a rich character with tone, texture and musical layers that transport you back to the original performance . . . but you’ve never even left your desk!

Spend time in a cubicle? Want to rock out late at night? The musicBox automatically mutes the speakers when you plug in your headphones. But you’re still getting the full benefit of the musicBoxs tube preamplifier section (check out the glow behind the front panel window!). The sound is your secret.

Want more? Your upgraded musicBox system includes the ds4.5 speakers. They fill larger rooms – and expectations. With this upgrade, youll get deeper, more powerful bass an expanded stereo stage and extended frequency response.

Source: Peachtree Audio