New B&W MM-1 brings Hi-Fi sound to your desktop!

Now on display and available at Wilshire Home Entertainment is Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) latest addition, the MM-1 desktop loudspeakers. The MM-1s are true hi-fi speakers, shrunk to fit on your desktop. They dont just look great, but they sound great too, transforming your computer into a hi-fi stereo sound system.

Designed by the same acoustic engineering team that developed the Zeppelin and the high-end 800 Series speakers used in Abbey Road Studios, the MM-1 is a full range, active, near field monitor, with two separate drive units including an aluminum dome tweeter. Technologies such as B&Ws Nautilus Tube Loaded tweeters have found their way into the MM-1. And new DSP technologies such as B&Ws Dynamic EQ, maximizes bass output, and allows the MM-1 to provide full range sound without the need to resort to a subwoofer.

The MM-1 also has a high-quality headphone output. Audio from a computer passes through the MM-1s DSP and into its headphone jack to produce a sound that is a dramatic improvement over a standard PC or Mac headphone output.

The MM-1s premium design, materials and build qualities are class-leading. Its attractive, yet discreet, while offering user-friendly features such as the integral cable management system and pebble remote control, which provides intuitive control over the speaker, and also works within iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Your computer is a versatile performer, so it makes sense that your computer speakers are just as versatile. Elegant connectivity and intuitive, intelligent design features will bring true hi-fi quality sound to your desktop for the first time, giving your computer the audio it deserves.

Source: Bowers & Wilkins