Runcos New WindowWall Display

Runco, manufacturer of some of the Worlds finest home theater products recently introduced its new WindowWall modular LCD-based display wall system. This innovative system creates a grid of multiple displays as the focal point of an entire wall.

Not just displays mounted side-by-side, the Runco WindowWall represents true video-wall technology adapted from commercial applications for the home environment. WindowWall technology allows for infinite configuration variations and applications from digital ambience to home entertainment, to sophisticated home office applications, such as video conferencing.

Perfect for sports enthusiasts, the WindowWall can become an enormous screen showing a game or multiple games at once. As a digital display system, the Runco WindowWall can easily be used for any application at any given time, such as a video conferencing wall that can double as a multi-screen market ticker in an office environment. Or the system can be configured as a dynamic art installation that flips one panel to a security feed when a visitor enters your property.

These are just a handful of the design possibilities. When combined with an automation system and audio system, an enormous array of lifestyle options are enabled. For more information or to find out what this new WindowWall system can do in your home, please visit Wilshire Home Entertainment.