Runco’s 3D Enthusiasts Guide

Runco and Wilshire Home Entertainment are proud to introduce and share an ebook called ‘Enthusiast’s Guide to 3D’. This is a viewer’s guideon how to evaluate good 3D, including an introduction to 3D in the home and important evaluation criteria.

Movie goers have loved Avatar, Monsters vs Aliens, and other cinema experiences and want to replicate that (or improve upon it) in their own homes. The movie studios, television stations, and cable broadcasters are ramping up their delivery of 3D content, while at the same time manufacturer’s are determining their approaches for delivering 3D in the home, amidst emerging standards.

The environment can be incredibly confusing for the consumer, so Runco has published an ebook to help enthusiasts navigate and evaluate the choices that may be available now and in the future. Whether shopping for a 3D TV or searching for the ultimate 3D home theater, some universal principles apply. This ebook explores some of those principles and equips consumers with what they need to make the right choice for their home.

Source: Runco

Enthusiast’s Guide to 3D