Tips for Cleaning Screens

Does your spring cleaning project list also include cleaning your TV screens, iPods, and remote controls? If not, it should. Whats the best way to clean and remove all the grime that has built up over time? Here are a few tips…

1.) Products such as Monsters ScreenClean are perfect for keeping your screens and displays dust, dirt, and fingerprint free. This alcohol-free and ammonia-free solution features a special polymer to help protect surfaces. The kit also includes a special MicroFiber cloth to prevent scratching.

2.) Most cleaners, even soap and water, are too harsh or can leave spots on the screen surface. Its important to use a product such as Monsters ScreenClean that is specially formulated for the anti-glare screens found on most modern televisions.

3.) Its equally as important to clean your screens with a high-quality MicroFiber cloth. Everyday cotton hand towels, paper towels, and rags are too coarse and may scratch the screen.

4.) You can also prevent damage to remotes controls, iPods, and iPhones by fitting their screens with a clear cover or anti-glare film. This will protect the screen from scratches and can easily be cleaned with a dry or slightly damp MicroFiber cloth.