Panasonic Blu-ray player has tube quality sound!

Earlier this year Panasonic introduced a trio of new Blu-ray players. Easily overlooked was an exciting new feature in Panasonics new DMP-BD85, which is being described as an audiophile-oriented Blu-ray player.
First, the DMP-BD85 features and HDMI Jitter Purifier, which according to Panasonic, affords clear, robust bass sounds faithful to the original. But the big news is the Digital Tube Sound Simulator, which is designed to produce the warm sound quality associated with vacuum tube amplifiers. Users can select between the sound of three different tube effects over the HDMI and 7.1-channel analog audio outputs, or turn the effect off all together.

There will be no glowing tubes within the DMP-BD85 as the Digital Tube Sound Simulator is strictly a digital effect, but its nice to see Panasonic put so much effort into sound quality.

Source: CNET