New TVs and Video at CES

Every year at CES there is an abundance of new video displays introduced and this year was no exception. We got a sneak peak at great new flat-panel televisions from Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp and others. In addition to all the 3D talk, the focus was on energy efficiency, contrast ratios, and additions to the traditional RGB subpixels set.

Sony showed their entire 10-series lineup. These TVs will clearly catch the attention of the picture quality enthusiast as picture quality was high, with deep black and clean natural color. The entire assemble is feature rich, and has very stylish designs. Three 3D TV series were introduced as part of this line, most expected to arrive in early summer.

Samsung introduced a new 9000 series LED LCD that in only about a quarter of an inch thick. The electronics are housed in an enclosure that is part of the stand, which can also be used as a wall mount. Black, silver, titanium, and even chrome bezels will be available in some series.

Samsung claims that their current TVs are 40% more energy efficient than conventional TVs, and that their new TVs are 40% more efficient that that, which makes them around 64% better than todays regular LCDs. Picture quality has improved, with better viewing angles, deeper blacks, and more detail in the blacks.

Panasonic will begin replacing their line in February. You can expect to see these new TVs on display at Wilshire Home Entertainment. Their top plasma line will be 3D ready, have Infinite Blacks (5 Million to 1 Contrast Ratio), and built in Skype capability so you can see and talk to your far-flung friends and family for free! New Panasonic Pro Premiere models will arrive mid-year in 50, 65, 85 and 103 sizes. All will be 3D-ready.

Sharp showed their next generation Quad-Pixel TVs. This technology adds a fourth yellow subpixel to the RGB subpixels that make up the master pixels. The result is a brighter picture with over a trillion colors! There will be three series of televisions available with this technology beginning in April.

Of course, these new 3D and energy efficient TVs will be on display at Wilshire Home Entertainment in the near future.